Holiday Fling

After cheating on my husband for the first time whilst heplayed golf whilst on holiday in Coral Bay, Cyprus last year, here's what happened next.
By the time Rob had returned with his golfing friends I had left Peter, very reluctantly, to get ready for our meal.
After a long cool shower I took my time preparing myself, not just for Rob, but also for Peter.
I sat naked on my balcony, carefully putting on my makeup, watching a lovely sunset and drinking white wine.
My nipples were very hard, and a little sore after all the attention paid to them by Peter, thinking naughty thoughts and of Peter's long hard cock.
I went into our room and checked my wardrobe taking a lot of care about what I would wear.
I settled upon a red halter-neck mini-dress, which I knew would show off my long legs and breasts to good effect, red thong and 3inch heeled sandals.
My long hair I kept hanging down, as Peter preferred it that way.
I realised that I had dressed entirely with Peter in mind, hardly giving my husband a second thought.
I took a long look in the mirror, very satisfied with what I saw and left a note for Rob that I would meet him in the hotel bar.
It was about 7.15 when I reached the hotel bar. My 22 year old lover was sitting on a stool.
He saw me approach and looked me up and down seductively and appreciatively.
My juices flowed in anticipation.
You look absolutely stunning he said and kissed me lightly on my lips, lingering enough to run his tongue along my mouth.
I had to hold onto the bar as my knees nearly gave way.
Peter who was dressed in pale blue short-sleeved shirt and denim trousers bought me a drink and led me to a sofa enabling us to see everyone coming into the bar, but secluded enough that Rob would have to search the room to find me.
We held hands and I crossed my legs, my dress riding up high, exposing a lot of thigh.
Peter began slowly stroking my knee, gradually moving his way up my leg.
I began to get a little self-conscious about people seeing us but I was powerless to stop him, not that I wanted him to stop.
I could not believe the effect this young stud was having upon me.
I've never before considered cheating on Rob, but here I was yearning to go to bed with Peter.
It was after 8pm when Peter's friends began coming into the bar.
Pete squeezed my hand and left me to join his mates at the bar.
He was talking to his roommate Steven and I saw them both turn to look at me.
I felt myself blush at what Peter might be saying about me.
Peter came back over and explined that Rob would be down shortly but was a bit worse the wear through drink.
They had finished playing golf at about 4pm and spent about 3 hours at the 19th hole.
When Rob was still not down at 8.30, I went up to our room and found him sound asleep.
I tried for a solid 10 mins to wake him without success.
I decided to leave him there and join Peter and his friends for dinner.
I retouched my lipstick and went down to the bar where I was made to feel most welcome.
The golfers apologised for returning my husband in such a state but by now all I could think of was what might be in store for me later.
It was decided to forego our meal at the hotel and drive into Paphos.
We commandeered 2 taxis and I sat in the back between Peter and Steven.
Peter had his arm around me and we were locked in a passionate kiss for the whole 6 miles to Paphos.
After a while I became aware of Steven running his hand slowly up and down my thigh.
Steven is about 5ft 10in, really fit from working out, and has his head shaved.
His is fairly attractive but not as good looking as Peter.
I'd only just come to terms with committing adultery with Pete without having another man touch me.
However, Pete's sensuous kissing and the wonderful effect Steven was having on my thighs made me think what the hell and I parted my thighs to allow Steven to progress.
My little red thong was soaking when Steven's hand reached it.
He moved my pants to one side and found the entrance to my cunt.
He quickly inserted a finger and soon found my clit.
I moaned as I felt my first orgasm explode; Steven kept up his assault on my shaven pussy and I bucked involuntarily as he brought me to another climax.
We found a Chinese restaurant and sat round a table.
I sat between Peter and Steven and throughout the meal I was constantly having my thighs stroked by the 2 friends.
We went to a few bars after the meal and all of Peter's friends were very attentive toward me, but Peter let them know that I was his, and he was right, I was.
Peter's friends decided to go on but we decided to return to our hotel.
Waiting for our taxi, Peter wrapped his arms around me and stroked my naked back.
We French kissed passionately and I felt his hardness against my tummy.
I undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled it open.
I went to put my arms around him and saw the marks I had made on his chest with my fingernails.
I was horrified at what I'd done and apologised profusely.
Peter just laughed and said he'd enjoyed it.
I put my arms around him and hugged him.
The taxi ride back to the hotel was much the same as the ride out except it was Peter who brought me off with his finger, three times.
At the hotel, Peter asked me up to his room, saying how much he wanted to make love to me again.
I said that I would have to look in on Rob first.
Peter said that he would leave his room door open for me.
He kissed me hard and squeezed my right breast, pulling on the hard nipple, oh how I hoped Rob was still asleep.
I quietly opened the door to my room.
Rob had not moved, he was in a deep sleep.
I entered the bathroom, retouched my lipstick and crept out of the room.
I made my way upstairs to Peter's room and entered through the open door.
There was no sign of Peter in the room so I made my way to the bedroom expecting to find Peter waiting on the bed. Instead there stood Steven stark naked.
I was transfixed looking at this immense penis.
It was at least 11 inches long but was not as thick as Peter's.
I apologised and said that I thought Peter was waiting for me.
Steven walked toward me and said that Pete had gone down to the bar to purchase some drinks.
I turned to leave the bedroom to await Peter's return but Steven caught my arm pulled me around and began kissing me.
I tried to pull away but he held me tight.
He forced his tongue into my mouth and I could feel his monster cock pressing into me.
His right hand lifted up my dress and he began to squeeze my left buttock and then began running his middle finger along the crack of my arse.
My resistance began to wane and I returned his kiss.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers over his shaven head, my tongue now doing the exploring.
Steven led me to the bed and I protested that Peter would be back any minute.
Steven just smiled and I realised that this had been part of a plan.
I looked Steven up and down and I have to say he had an impressive body, really built.
I undid the halter on my dress and pulled it down over my breasts and then over my hips, letting it fall to the floor.
I then pulled my wet thong down and stepped out of them and approached a very eager Steven.
I decided that I was to control the situation and I pushed him down onto his back on the bed.
I lay next to him and ran my long red nails up and down his chest whilst I began to kiss his neck, every now and then gently biting him.
I moved up and nibbled his right ear darting my tongue quickly in and out.
This was driving Steven crazy and he tried to squeeze my left tit.
I was determined to remain in control and straddled his tummy.
I grabbed Steven's hands and placed them above his head, my hair falling over his face.
I ran my nails roughly down his chest and began to roll his nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.
Steven begged me to let him fuck me, and I said later.
I could feel his hard cock pressing against my arse.
I moved down kissing his chest, running my tongue down to his navel and then down to his manhood.
I took the monster in both hands, which still left half of it sticking above them.
I pulled back on his foreskin and precome appeared.
I looked up at Steven who was breathing heavily and he had his eyes closed.
I began to take his cock into my mouth and wanked him as I sucked hard on his weapon.
I took his balls in my left hand, squeezing them roughly.
This boy had no staying power and I felt him about to ejaculate.
I withdrew his cock out of my mouth and he sent his come shooting into the air.
I then got off the bed, picked up my dress and panties and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Steven open-mouthed.
Peter was in the outer room with a bottle of single malt and three glasses.
He smiled when he saw me but realised that I was annoyed.
I told him never to treat me like that again, that I was exclusively his and was not for being passed around his friends.
Peter came up to me and apologised and said it would not happen again.
He kissed my lovingly and stroked my naked body.
I was putty in his hands.
He poured me a glass of Scotch whilst I put my dress back on and we drank sitting on the balcony.
He pulled me onto his lap and began kissing me feverishly, his hands roaming all over my body.
His right hand went up under my dress and as I had not replaced my thong, went straight to my soaking wet pussy.
He brought me off very quickly with his finger before standing me up and leaning me over the balcony.
My hair was blowing in the warm, gentle breeze as he removed his cock from his trousers, lifted up the back of my dress, spread my legs and penetrated me doggy style.
It felt fantastic to have his long, thick cock back inside me as I thrust backwards to meet his pounding.
His left hand came around and he fingered my clitoris, which quickly brought me to orgasm.
I came over and over as he fucked me like that for over an hour, after which we had another drink, before he escorted me back to my room. Rob was still fast asleep.
I returned to the door where Peter was still waiting and kissed him a long goodnight, promising to see him sometime tomorrow; and I did but that is for later. Sexy Stories