Lesbian Peeper

Every weekend Joy made it to a club called The Studio which just happened to be a lesbian hang out. Now Joy wasn't a lesbian as such but she did enjoy watching women. Out of her twenty fours years on the earth she had never actually been with a woman and knew she didn't like being with men. She was quiet though, finding it hard to express herself when approached at the club. She was average but on the pretty side, so every time she was out someone put the moves on her. Nothing ever happened because of her fear to actually be with a woman, even just sexually.

She over came that fear one night when she went out on the town alone, as usual, watching all the woman getting their groove on at The Studio. She had never seen two women more into each other than that night. She noticed these two girls early on in the evening sitting at a table far down in the corner. They had started drinking pitchers of long island ice tea, so she knew it wouldn't be long before these two would be heading home. She was fascinated by how beautiful both girls were. Both had long dark hair, one with curls, and they both wore the same outfit like they were twins or something. They did look very similar especially from a distance. Joy made it a point of following them into the bathroom to get a closer look at these two vixens. Up close she seen that they didn't look that much alike at all. They were both incredible sexy though.

About an hour later Joy followed the two as they made their way down the street to a house about four blocks away from the club. Shuffling in her purse the curly haired one pulled out her key as the other one had her hands roaming under her skirt. Joy waited behind a fence till she seen them enter the house, close the door and watched a light inside the home come on. Then she made her way right up to the back of the house and peeked into the window seeing both women stripping down as they made their way toward the window Joy was peeping in. She watched as the naked women slammed each other against the window, touching and rubbing all over each other. Joy put her hand down her pants to touch her now wet crack, roaming her finger around till she found a place to put it. As she played with herself she watched the two woman make their way to the floor and begin kissing and licking at each other all over. They rolled around like cats playing on the carpet. At that point Joy fell from the plant pot she had been standing on and startled the women in the house who ran to see what the commotion was.

As they opened the door they seen Joy standing there with a look of horror on her face. She had no idea what to do or even to say. The curly haired girl walked out toward Joy with not a stitch of clothing on. "What the hell are you doing?" She barked toward Joy.

"Isn't it obvious, she was peeking at us from the window." The other woman said, neither of them never taking their eyes off of me.

With my voice shaking with fear I replied, "I'm sorry, I was... peeking, I didn't mean... I mean..I did...but" It didn't quite come out the way Joy had hoped.

The curly haired girl went back into the house as the other one made her way toward Joy, reaching out her hand she asked, "You feel like coming in and having a drink with us?"

Joy didn't know what to say, she was shocked that she was being asked to do anything other than to leave. She nodded her head and the girl helped her to her feet and lead her into their home. The curly haired girl looked pissed as she slammed down the cups onto the table and turned to plug in the kettle. She still stood before Joy with nothing on making Joy want to reach out to feel the shaved softness between the girls legs. Instead though she just sat there with her eyes focused on the floor.

The coffee in Joy's cup started going cold. She put down the cup and decided she better go soon. The conversation was pretty meaningless and Joy was still too embarrassed to really say anything to these women. She got up out of her seat and to get herself together when the curly haired woman came up from behind me wearing a full leather outfit, mask and all. With the whip she slapped it onto the table in front of me and said, "You need to pay for what you've done."

A shiver of fearful delight ran through Joy's body as the woman ran the whip down the front of Joy's shirt. Her girlfriend came over fully naked now and started undressing her. They were both very rough as they pulled Joy's clothes off to expose her little boobs and bushy slit. 'CRACK' as the whip cracked against the skin of Joy's bare bottom making her jump forward. The curly haired woman's girlfriend pulled Joy down on top of her naked body, kissing her softly and massaging her hands into her breasts. 'Crack' The whip came down harder on Joy's bottom this time. She whinced with the girlfriends tounge deep with her throat. 'Damn this hurts', she thought to herself as the whipping continued till she felt tears fall down her cheeks. This was just the beginning of her punishment.

Late into the night, Joy screamed with painful delight as the two women she had met only hours ago tied her up, spanked her, and used their strap ons with her at the same time. Joy had never experienced anything so raunchy but she liked what they were doing to her and she didn't want it to end.

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