Vacation Lust

As the plane touched down at the Sydney International Airport Lisa felt a surge of excitement run through her. 'I'm finally here', she thought to herself, 'no kids to wake me in the morning, no husband to pester me for dinner and strip me of my blankets as I sleep.' A feeling of freedom and adventure ran through Lisa as she took her first steps off the plane.

The traffic was heavy as the cabby made his way through the cars, to the hotel, during morning rush hour. The airconditioned cab was refreshing compared to the eighty two degrees outside in the hot sun shine. Lisa welcomed the heat though, it was a huge change from the cold weather, she left behind, back home in Chicago. All the way to the hotel she day dreamed about the warm beach and swimming along the coral with the exotic fish. She was looking forward to the next two weeks like she looked forward to school starting every fall. It was going to be a refreshing break from the norm.

Lisa checked in and made her way to her room, 'what an absolutely amazing place', she thought as she boarded the elevator behind the bell hop which held her bags. Huge chandlers adorned the ceiling sparkling like the night sky and the rugs were colorful, bright and luxurious. She had never been to such a jazzy place before, she felt like royalty. As the elevator doors began to close a tall gentleman stuck his hand in and opened the doors, "Sorry, I tried calling for you to hold the doors, you couldn't have heard me." His smile showed glistening white teeth against his contrast of dark skin.

She couldn't take her eyes off the dark stranger, he was in a tight white polo shirt which rimmed his muscular body and navy blue shorts which showed off his large, powerful legs. As she brought her eyes up to take a closer look at his face his eyes were already on hers. She felt hot all of a sudden as the blood rushed into her cheeks. Again he smiled, this time handing her his card. 'Swim The Coral' it read. The doors opened to her floor and the bell hop motioned her to come with him. She smiled back at the dark stranger as the doors closed behind her.

The bell hop opened the doors to her room and Lisa almost died from the view before her. Another large chandler adorned the high ceiling of the entry way which lead into the living room. Antique furniture was placed strategically around the room. Windows stretched from one end of the room to the other separated only by a set of sliding doors which lead out onto the patio. Down the hall was the bedroom with the largest bed Lisa had ever laid her eyes on. She flopped her body down and enjoyed herself in the mirrored designs laid out on the ceiling. 'This is amazing!' She thought to herself as she heard the bell hop close the doors behind him. She couldn't believe she was here, alone.

A week into the vacation Lisa was going through her wallet trying to find her ticket for the ballet when she came across a card marked 'Swim The Coral'. A smile came across her face as she thought of his tall muscular body. "I'm married for God sakes, I can't be thinking like that!" Lisa said out loud to herself as she placed the card down onto the table. She stared at the card then turned and walked out onto the patio taking a deep breath of the fresh ocean air. As quickly as she had walked out there, she turned on her heel and snapped up the card and in one quick motion dialed the number on the card.

"Hello, Swim The Coral, How may I help you?" The voice on the phone had a thick Australian accent.

"Ah, yeah... I was wondering if I could get in sometime today with Malik for instruction?" Lisa stumbled over the name but the woman on the other end knew exactly who she meant.

"Of course", the smile on her face was evident in her speach, "How about seven o'clock for a sun set instructional tour?"

"Sounds great!" Lisa got off the phone and thought of her husband and her kids back home as the grin disappeared from her face. 'Nothing will happen.' She thought as she reaffirmed herself.

He looked magnificent as he walked toward her in his swim trunks. She tried not to take notice of his rather large bulge but found it hard to keep her eyes anywhere else. He put his hand on her back, between her shoulders as he lead her toward the small boat that would take them to the coral beds. Lisa was nervous of boats, her leg shock slightly as she stepped forward onto the deck.

"Don't worry, I have you." Malik said to her in his husky accented voice.

On the way to the spot they would dive, he gave her instruction on how she would drop into the water, then make her way through the reef. Lisa was thrilled to be going diving in the coral reef, this had been the one thing she looked forward to from the moment she had won this trip off the radio. It was beautiful out on these greenish blue waters with the sun beating down on her face. She took a deep breath in as her memories of her family back home took a back seat to the stunning scenery around her.

They both dropped themselves in to the water as Malik lead the way around the ravishing sights below the water. Lisa had an underwater camera which came with the tour so she made sure to get lots of pictures of what she saw and even a couple of Malik as he swam in front of her. He pointed out several breath taking things under the water from colorful fish to flowering underwater plants. Lisa was having so much fun she hadn't even noticed her hour was almost up.

As they swam back toward the boat Lisa felt something touch her leg, she looked down to see Malik. They both surfaced and Lisa removed her mask as Malik put his hands around the back of her to untie the top of her bikini. Lisa wanted to pull away and get back into the boat but instead she removed Malik's mask and placed her lips firmly against his. Pulling the suit from Lisa's breasts, Malik took a long look before placing his hands over them and gently massaging. A moan came up from Lisa's throat as she felt his hard groin rub against her now bare bottom. Shoving himself toward her she wrapped her legs around his waist and dropped her body backward into the water. Malik gripped her hips with his strong hands watching her breasts move around just under the surface of the water as he moved her back and forth on his enlarged member.

Her white body looked sensual as she gyrated herself against him and his black skin. He loved being with white women because he could make out every little detail of their beautiful bodies. He especially enjoyed Lisa because she was so slim and her breasts were so rounded and firm. He took pleasure in watching her move around wildly as she grew closer to ecstasy. His excitement had also reached its peak as they moaned harmoniously in overwhelming pleasure.

As the plane took flight on its way back to the States Lisa thought of her family waiting for her, missing her, and wanting to hear about everything. They would be totally taken back by all the pictures except for the ones she removed of Malik, 'What they didn't know won't hurt them.' She thought to herself as she put her seat back and envisioned home.

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