Voting Poles

I arrived at the voting poles late. The doors were just closing as I ran shouting for them not to lock the doors. A tall thin red head stuck her head out the door and motioned for me to hurry up. I ran in dripping wet from the rain noticing that this lady was the only person left.

"I'm sorry to be coming here so late, can I still get my ballot in or is it too late for that?" I asked hoping to be able to get my vote in.

"Well, sorry but I don't know what I can do. I was just about to start counting the ballots, I only have an hour to get them together before someone will be here to pick them up." She sounded apologetic but firm in not letting me vote, I guess I would have to convince her.

"Oh come on, I rushed all the way here from work. I'm standing here soaked and hey, if you let me put my vote in I'll stick around and help you count up the ballots." I started taking off my wet coat and undoing my tie.

"I don't know", she spoke the words slowly as she watched my face drop in disappointment, "well, maybe... ok fine but you promise to stay and help?"

"Yes, of course I'll stay and help you", I couldn't help smiling, "I wouldn't think of leaving you stuck."

She handed me a ballot and I went into the little booth, filled out my card and dropped it into the box. When I was finished that I went back out to help her count the ballots she already had neatly piled on the table. We exchanged names and started talking about different things we were into. I found out she wasn't married, had a good job other than this, owned her own car and had a house she was paying off. This woman had it going on. Not to mention she was sexy as hell. Her deep red hair went halfway down her back tied into a neat braid. She was wearing a light blue skirt with a matching blazer she had removed earlier and a white blouse which criss crossed her breast area. I found myself staring at her several times, and she caught me several times also. I would just smile and go back to my counting.

After the hour was past we had all the ballots counted and boxed and ready to go when the guy showed up to get them. He was right on time to. When we got all the boxes out on to his truck me and Sherry, that was her name, ran in to dry off again. Her blouse was soaked, I could easily make out every detail of her lacy bra. Her skirt was stuck to her like a second skin and I felt my urges rising up for this feminine creature. I was staring intently now, like my eyes were frozen on the curves of her body, and the woody in my dress pants was obvious enough to give me away.

She began walking toward me with a half grin on her face, speaking in a low hearty voice which made my groin throb. "What are you staring at?"

I didn't know what to say, I wanted to bend this woman over and show her exactly what I was looking at. "I have this fantasy running through my mind of you and I in the booth getting it on", I gave a little chuckle trying to be half joking but I was really serious.

Her hand reached out and touched my hardness, "I can see your fantasizing about something, and the booth thing sounds like fun."

Next thing I knew she was on her knees with her head bobbing, sending waves of utter joy through my entire being. I rolled her braid around my hand until her head was tight against it. I controlled every motion, pushing her head hard against me until I couldn't hold on any longer. She held her mouth wide open to accept my juices.

I must say that was the best ballot I ever got to fill out in my life.

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